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kwərk care

kwǝrk furniture is created by hand, using natural material. Each piece will have its own properties and variations in colour, grain and pattern, making it unique.

Wood and marble like all natural materials has inherent disparities in colour, grain and pattern; please allow for variations on your bespoke piece.

Our kwǝrk pieces are made with high quality timber; we recommend using a microfibre cloth dampened with a low PH soapy water, and then buff with a dry microfibre cloth. Alternatively, use a dust cloth or feather duster to remove dust and debris.

Always avoid cleaning painted or lacquered timber with harsh chemical cleaners, including environmentally friendly cleaners.

Timber being a natural product will move in different environments. We suggest not putting your furniture in direct sunlight, under or over heating/cooling ducts.

All furniture items such as Cocktail Cabinets, Bedheads and Buffets are at risk of potential tip over and are required by Consumers to have a wall anchor device installed in accordance with the ACCC Product Safety Care Australia guidelines.

To keep timber looking immaculate we recommend using microfibre cloths (or similar) as follows:
Wipe down with a microfibre cloth, dampened with a low PH soapy water.
Dry with a separate microfibre cloth. Avoid cleaning products that contain silicone or ammonia.

Marble is a naturally beautiful stone that is slightly porous. Wipe up spills immediately and ensure no liquids are left to sit on marble for any length of time. That’s particularly true of liquids such as oil, coffee or red wine.

Fabric:  Blot or wipe up as much of the spill as possible, leaving the stained area dry. Blot with cold water. If any trace remains, dab the spot with a mixture of liquid detergent, vinegar and water. Once the stain is removed blot with water to remove the vinegar and detergent traces.

Leather: As well as being tactile, leather is also incredibly durable, a gentle wipe down with a clean, damp cloth should take care of most marks.

A natural blend or lanolin base leather conditioner will help clean and preserve leather.

For serious stains or to repair damage, speak to a leather repair specialist.

Glass surfaces require low maintenance. A weekly wipe with a slightly damp cloth is sufficient. Glue and pencil marks can be removed by applying some Eucalyptus oil with a soft cloth. Objects placed on glass should always have a felt protector applied to the underside of the item so as not to scratch the surface. Further, items placed on the glass should be the correct weight for the glass thickness. Do not use chemical cleaners as the glass has a coloured film underside.

customer care

By accessing and/or using the website, you accept these terms and agree to be bound by them, and an agreement is formed between us and you.

These Terms may be amended at any time without notice and your access to this website may be terminated at any time without notice. Your continued use of the website following such amendment of these Terms will represent an agreement by you to be bound by these Terms as amended. We recommend you review the terms for amendments each time you use the website and before placing any Order. Should we choose to provide you with notice of amended terms, you agree to receive email notification of the amendments from us or our third party.

Our kwǝrk pieces are made to order and have a lead up time of 10-12 weeks.

Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind or made a wrong selection. We recommend you carefully preview any proposed Orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your Order.

Once an Order has been accepted, no cancellation of that Order is valid unless you receive our written communication endorsing the cancelled order.

Your online Order must be paid for in full before we can begin arrangements for the manufacture of the products to you.

You and kwǝrk may enter into a contract for the sale and supply of products by you making an offer via the website to purchase a product at the price advertised on the website by:

(a) placing an electronic Order for the products using the website;

(b) you confirming the Order details in accordance with the procedure on the website;

(c) you making payment in full (plus any applicable delivery charges) on the website; and

(d) the acceptance of that offer by kwǝrk.

Prices shown are in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable. Prices do not include delivery and handling charges. Prices are subject to change.

All payments must be made in full prior to delivery.

White Glove Service is required for our products. This is premium delivery service. Final delivery costs will be calculated once order is placed.

Delivery to areas outside our standard shipping zones will need to be quoted prior to confirming your order. Please email your order request and delivery details to for a shipping quote.

Our items are shipped from Melbourne and once your product is completed, you will be contacted to arrange  a delivery day and time.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that we can safely deliver your items, and that the items will fit through all required access points e.g. doorways and staircases. Any issues or specific requirements associated with delivery must be communicated to us prior to delivery.

We will deliver your item to the address specified in your order. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that you provide us with your correct delivery address, contact number and email address.  

Please check your item upon delivery and advise us if there are any issues immediately. Please send a photo and details of product fault or damage to

If any product is delivered by our preferred carrier and arrives damaged, we will take every step to repair or the item will be replaced.

Please check your item upon delivery and advise us immediately if your item has arrived damaged. Please send a photo and details of product fault or damage to

kwǝrk reserves the right to investigate all claims to assess the nature and cause of any alleged fault.

kwǝrk will not be responsible for ensuring that the products are suitable for a particular purpose.

You will receive your own Maintenance Kit when purchasing with us, so you can correct any knicks that occur throughout the life of your piece.

Our kwǝrk pieces are made to order; please choose carefully as kwǝrk do not provide a refund, exchange or credit note simply because of a change of mind or the product did not meet your expectations.

We guarantee that all products sold are free from manufacturing faults and defects for a period of 24 months from the date of original delivery. In the event that a product is proven to be defective, you are entitled to the restoration of the goods through repair or replacement, whichever is decided as being the most efficient and effective remedy.

It should also be noted that the guarantee does not cover:

  • any damage caused by negligent and/or improper use of the item
  • damage caused by inappropriate use of cleaningproducts
  • normal wear and tear
  • any damage caused by lack or and/or incorrect maintenance
  • degradation of finish caused by environmental factors (including prolonged exposure to direct sunlight)

Any concerns can be emailed to kwǝrk reserves the right to investigate all claims to assess the nature and cause of any alleged fault.

While kwǝrk endeavours to provide accurate information at all times on this website, it is the responsibility of the user to verify all information before making final decisions or commitments.

All information provided on this website is believed to be correct as of the date they were submitted online. However, due to pricing fluctuations, discontinuation of products or finishes, changes to measurements, warranties, lead times or product availability, we make no representation to the accuracy of the information provided herein.

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